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Jobe Duna 2021

The hybrid isup offering high performance and family fun

Are you doing dry january? let's help you get fit.


iSups are perfectly suited to everyday paddlers who want to get out and about without having to load up and carry a hard board on the car.

  • O’Shea – some of the lightest isups on the market that don’t budge on quality/
  • Jobe – a name synonymous with inflatable water accessories
  • Jimmy Lewis – world famous surfboard shaper and board maker

hard boards

The Stand up paddle boards and windsurfing kit we stock have been picked by our team.

They deliver performance in their disciplines as well as build quality and value.

  • Infinity– some of the best surf and race boards on the market
  • O’Shea– Farrell is passionate about the UK conditions his boards are ridden in
  • Jobe– a collection of affordable touring and surf shapes
  • Jimmy Lewis– this guy is a legend in board shaping with so many world records


Foiling is a revolution for many and we have some amazing  kit that you’re gonna love.

  • Infinity – world famous board shapers who have a passion for innovation
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2020 lessons

We provide private and group Stand up paddle boards and windsurfing lessons in and round the Chichester area which will offer you the chance to take part in the amazing sport of windsurfing.

We also offer private and group stand up paddle board lessons with options of the sea or inland waterways.

With lessons starting from £55.00 per person we can also accommodate family groups, stag and hen parties etc.

We can provide wetsuits, wetsuit boots etc for your session.

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Stand up paddle boards and windsurfing shop and lessons


It’s not always obvious what’s changed from one year to the next so we thought we’d make a visual that showed off what Jobe have done to their touring board, the Jobe Neva.

The Jobe Neva is a Touring board that has evolved quite dramatically over the years.

Using our “Before and After Slider” you can easily see what’s been done, but you we’ll give you some help as well.

The obvious changes

  • Deckpad: has been made larger giving you more room for and aft.
  • Nose: more pinched to improve speed.
  • Tie downs: they’re laid out wider so you can get more held down.
  • The tail: is more pinched in giving cleaner release in the tail for speed.
  • Carry handles: an extra handle has been added to the nose.

So how do these changes work out for the paddler?

With everything showing in this example, the board has more carrying capacity, greater speed and glide, so with it being a touring board, it will be more effective over distances.

And aside of that they’ve done an amazing job of the graphics, which is a big part of it for some people when choosing a board.

truly inspirational

taking it to

the next level

2020 Jobe Neva
2021 Jobe Neva

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