Infinity SUP

Infinity SUP boards are some of the best boards we’ve ever ridden and we’re proud to stock them here in the UK.

Back in 2017 we met Dave Bohene in London at the APP Tour and it was here that we really got a feel for the brand.   His passion and knowledge was infectious and we were hooked on the Infinity brand from thereon.

The boards we keep include downwind, surf sups, race and all rounders, but the thing we love is the SUPspension technology that Dave has developed.  A layup technique that increase  performance and reduces weight.

For us, build quality is so important in any premium brand and that is something you get with Infintiy sup boards.   They don’t reduce weight and then leave you with a weak board that dents or cracks for no reason.

We’ve got surf sups like the BLine or RNB for super performance surfers and then we go over to the New Deal that is our board of choice for surf longboarding. Then we have the Blackfish or Whiplash raceboards that are world class performance race machines for every level of paddler.

If you’re looking for an Infinity Stand up paddle board then get in touch with us now. We have stock, but also a fast turnaround of stock so you may need to preorder if the model or exact version and colour you want is not in stock right now.

You can choose from the full range from Infinity SUP. Including wave boards like the B-Line, Blurr V2, RNB and the New Deal. Race boards like the Downtown downwind board, Whiplash and the Blackfish available in flat deck or dug out.

The inflatable range including the Wide Aquatic Air.

We also have the Infinity SUP Tombstone foiling board all available which has been super popular since sup, surf and wing foiling took off in the uk.

We are the original supplier of Infinity SUP in the UK and have a selection of demo kit available at your south coast centre.

Infinity SUP are one of the market leading brands across the world at the moment for the stand up paddle board industry, especially in the sup surf market so check them out with us.

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