Stand up paddleboard lesson


Our professional coaches deliver great Stand up paddleboard lessons

This voucher entitles one person to join a group session that runs with a minimum of 2 persons and maximum of 3.

Our sup stand up paddleboard lessons take place at either Bracklesham, East Wittering or around Chichester Harbour all year round.

The session is 2 hrs long.


course contents

Our Progressive Lessons

1) Beginner to stand up paddleboard lesson
This is where it all begins for you.

  • We explore the kit and become aware of its functions
  • On land simulation to gain a basic understanding of:
    • Climbing on the board
    • Handling the paddle
    • Falling and remounting
    • Basic steering
  • On the water we will:
    • Mirror the on land training exercises.You 
2) Intermediate stand up paddleboard lesson

This is where we speed things up and find out how good technique changes things.

What will we cover in your lesson?

  • Advanced steering techniques
  • Footwork
  • Body movement in the stroke

Working those new skills we will paddle together and aim to:

  • Increase board speed
  • Be able to maintain line and board control
3) Open water paddling or tour

The open water session lets you experience moving water and the techniques needed to gain control on the sea.

What will we cover in your lesson?

  • Beach launches and landing
  • Footwork for rougher water
  • Board control and steering
  • Stroke patterns for varying conditions and stabilisation
Working those new skills we will sail together and aim to:
  • Paddle as a group using points to maintain course
  • Be aware of the environment and changing conditions

the school kit

The kit we use

The O’Shea boards we have in the school that we we use for our stand up paddleboard lesson deliver great performance and ease of use.

You’ll be amazed how quickly you progress with the right kit and instruction so get signed up today.


Take it to the beach

We run our stand up paddleboard lesson in Chichester Harbour or Bracklesham beach for those wanting to experience some open water paddling. The O’Shea boards perform really well in the sea even when it gets choppier.

stand up paddleboard lesson summary

You'll learn:

  • What it takes to become a self sufficient paddle boarder
  • Why stand up paddleboarding is addicitve

You'll definitely:

  • Leave us with new skills and dreams of buying your own kit
  • Enjoy your time with us

We provide:

  • Board,  wetsuit and buoyancy aid
  • Professional instruction


  • Lesson times are based on weather conditions
  • You have 6 months to redeem the voucher which is non-refundable

Weather and tides

Our stand up paddle board courses run in the harbour and on the sea so we can make use of the flat water or some swell if you prefer.  

It’s preferable that we get a day when the wind isn’t blowing, but that said if we paddle in the harbour we can easily cope with winds of about 8-10mph as we’re sheltered and we can also teach you to cope with changeable environments.

What’s really great about taking a stand up paddleboard lesson in chichester harbour , bracklesham or east wittering is we can easily change spots to handle the conditions so if it gets too windy we simply move in land a bit for flatter water and less wind.

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