Windsurf lessons one to one


Windsurf lessons one to one are tailored to you, 100%.

It’s just you sailing with us on the day so we can work on whatever you want to improve.

The session is 2 hrs long.


course contents

Windsurf lessons one to one

The Windsurf lessons one to one is unique to you and your needs.

The course content is down to you and what you’d like to cover, but it may also be that you just want to head out for a guided sail into the harbour, it’s your choice.

We’ll definitely work on rigging and understanding kit as that is a big part of any sailors knowledge.

Obviously it’s all based on your experience and skills so we’ll plan all of this beforehand.

Whatever we do it’s about you and improving your windsurfing skills and enjoying your time on the water.


It’s all about you and we’ll make sure that your Windsurf lessons one to one you not only have a great day, but you up your skills as well.

When we sail, we keep on learning, and these Windsurf lessons one to one  sessions really intensify that experience.   It may be we simply focus on your basic abilities and awareness of the board and sailing conditions, or work on improving the fundamentals: however the session pans out you will come away with a new skillset.

Fast tacks – Light wind gybes – Heli tacks – Upwind board control – and much more…


the school kit

The kit we use

We’ve chosen boards from the Starboard range not only for their amazing build quality and performance, but also their eco credentials.

The Starboard Rio and Go Windsurf boards deliver great performance but also help speed up the learning process in those early stages.

Take it to the ridge

A clever ridge designed into the deck gets you in the right place to perform more consistently and the long tail design improves glide in ligther winds.

one to one windsurf lesson summary

You'll learn:

  • What it takes to become a self sufficient windsurfer
  • Why windsurfing is addicitve

You'll definitely:

  • Leave us with new skills and dreams of buying your own kit
  • Enjoy your time with us

We provide:

  • Board, sail, wetsuit and buoyancy aid
  • Safe and qualified instruction from an RYA certified instructor


  • Lesson times are based on tide and weather conditions
  • You have 6 months to redeem the voucher which is non-refundable

Weather and tides

Our beginner and intermediate windsurfing courses run in the harbour so we can make use of the flat water.  This allows us to focus on the techniques.

Preferred wind speeds are between 5 and 12 knots.

More advanced courses may take place on the open sea in stronger winds.

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