Infinity Whiplash 2020

Length: Dugout – 12’6, 12’6, 14, 14, 14, 14

Width: Dugout – 23, 25, 21, 23.5, 25

Volume: Dugout – 236, 257, 273, 305, 325

Construction: Full Team carbon

The 2018 Infinity Blackfish has had some serious focus on performance, but is eclipsed by the ease of use it delivers to the paddler.




Flat Water/ Mild Chop/ Dugout Deck

The Whiplash continues into 2020 with a few minor tweaks to go even faster, and have greater stability so more riders can access the narrower board widths for that ultimate performance and race winning ability.

Shae Foudy and Itzel Delgado have won countless races on this design masterpiece, and Hannah Leni Krah took out the Junior ICF World Sprints in China to become the first ever Junior Female ICF World Gold medalist.

With those sort of credentials you know you’re in good company when you take your first few strokes on the Infinity Whiplash or “The Whip” as she’s affectionately known.


The design concept moving forward was simple…..

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Tracking
  • Manouverability



  • The cockpit standing area has been maximised by carving out the side walls where the walls meet the deck. This offers a real secure feeling and a lot of extra control especially in the narrower sizes as you can spread your base further than ever before possible with a dugout.
  • The nose of the board has been further refined over the previous version both above and below the waterline with even sharper lines to maximise clean entry and glide
  • The underside continues with the “Inverse V” that increases the clean water flow along the hull, and as with the 2020 Blackfish the “V” has been pulled back to start just in front of the cockpit, and continues down the length of the board finishing at a flatter tail
  • Stability has been maximised with wider flat panels the full length of the board
  • The step tail concept continues with nice straight flowing lines out the back rather than the previous years pin tail which adds to the clean release
  • The tail profile has been thinned out to increase stability in buoy turns, and when riding a bump off the tail



  • The 2020 Team Elite Carbon is the only option available for the Whiplash offering an incredible strength to weight ratio that we’re super stoked about as the boards are now lighter and stronger
  • Only the highest quality fittings are used throughout
  • The finish doesn’t chip like regular painted boards so your pride and joy will continue to look great well in to the future


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21, 23, 23.5, 25, 27


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